Meta-Morphosis is a fondation that specializes in preserving heritage through art.
Google Art & Culture, Unesco and many public and private institutions linked to heritage, partner with us. And for each of our projects, we create an art book, itinerant exhibitions, and virtual visits, which get a lot of media coverage.
Partnerships with international artists enable us to celebrate yesterday’s craftsmanship in order to promote those of today.
For each one of our works, we try to preserve the memory of places and to pass on “the pride of human beings” who have worked there. And for every project, new generations are involved in the discovery of our History through multimedia tools or though interactions with artists.
With their investigation of the colliery Hasard in Cheratte near Liège in Belgium, Axel Ruhomaully and Franck Depaifve founded Meta-Morphosis. Their first book “Ceci n’est pas que du patrimoine” was a big success, and the heritage preservation projects led by Meta-Morphosis extend today from the Brussels’ justice palace to the steel industrial heritage of Charleroi, as well as the 50th anniversary of independence of Mauritius and the past textile industry of Verviers.